Tuesday, July 01, 2008

And July Kicks off!

The Dailymile development team just hooked me up with a beta account to their shiny, sleek Web 2.0 competitor to other training social networks such as BikeJournal. Dailymile is for runners, cyclists and swimmers. While allowing users to track their training and races, it also allows them to post notes, photos, message one another, and see upcoming training and racing events. So far, I'm diggin' it. It feels a lot more sleek than some of the other sites I've tinkered with. I took a screen shot so you can see what it looks like. I have a few invites left, so if you think you'll actually use it, let me know by leaving your email address in the contact form on the right side of the page. I'll see if I can get you in on the beta test.

I took it easy this morning without a lot of hammering. At 61°F it's easy to just pedal along and not sweat at all. I like mornings such as these. I also got to see another awesome sunrise in Kansas City.

Road Apple. Literally.

Obligatory axle shot cresting the apex of 67th Street.

The flags from yesterday's Monday Recovery Ride were actually taken at the Merriam Marketplace.

Road Closed? How about NO. Nothing can stop Hybridzilla. I used the covered pedestrian tunnel the the right to get through. I love bicycles. All the motorists were confused and flustered trying to drive up Main Street.

Another Tuesday, another crowd of Four. Over drinks and breakfast, Lorin, Bob, JR and I hung out and discussed the finer points of... well, nothing really. Our conversations are often so rambling and off-topic that it's hard to really describe what's going on.

Random Tunage:
Shiloh - I really want you
DJ Solange - To My Drumbeat (Bruno & Middleman Phuck Dub)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wonder where the road apple was commuting to? Maybe the corner of Orchard and Vine?

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