Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 2013 DSR

Tired of dealing with aging and/or unreliable lighting, I picked this up yesterday. a Dark Side Ride provided the final nudge to pick up something relatively inexpensive in the "to see with" category. The optics leave something to be desired, but it's bright enough for my riding style. 120 lumens, but it does okay with them. The Flare 3 tail light is superior to my SuperFlash, but not by much. It offers much better side lighting.

The route. I wasn't keeping track. I don't think it was quite 20 miles by the time I count the 3 miles getting to and from the start.  Jason and Al were also in the mix.

Quick blurry shot of the Twelve. It was a beautiful night for a ride. For those keeping count, this is my second ride the bike in 2013, if you don't count little errands within a few miles of home. I'm slacking.

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