Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bike Rack Overload and a slice of Kansas City, MO

On top of the lonely locked-up Trek road bike next to the guard shack, the three bikes are present and accounted for, effectively taking all official bike parking to 100% capacity.

This Schwinn was parked at the library. Two wheels, a saddle... pedals... I almost had mistaken it for a Gary Fisher Superfly due to all the similarities. Thankfully the wheel disc was there to set me straight. This guy also left the price sticker on the head tube. A veritable bargain rip-off at a paltry $159.99. I'm wondering how you ride with that thing in the wheel. I'm also wondering if it's not stolen.

An old 10-speed, apparently not even locked and not being closely guarded by anyone. I'm surprised one of the art institute students hasn't stolen it yet, cut the handlebars down to 3" and put a fixie wheel on it yet. Not to stereotype all KC Art Institute students, but if a tragedy such as this DID happen, a subset of KCAI students would be under suspicion.

Morons still can't parallel park in KC without backing over the curb and into a stationary object. May this lamp post rest in pieces.

This parking garage (part of the Commerce Bank Building) is undergoing much needed renovation.

A dark alley. You won't get mugged here, but someone harmless will certainly ask if you have any spare change.

Call the waaambulance.


Abandoned storefronts with (mostly) locked grates in front of the doors.

I wouldn't trust this fire escape with my life. Would you?

More buildings.

This thing seems to be an exterior elevator (fire escape, perhaps) on the Commerce Bank building.


Just for Revrunner again. It's a golf cart with doors.

Photographing the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City IS NOT A CRIME.

The homeward commute was slowish with a lot of headwind. I told a wrong-way helmetless guy that "the other side is safer if you're riding east" and I passed a really slow, weaving dude on Merriam Drive. He was riding a clunker MTB and wearing a huge backpack. At least he had a helmet on. The bikes are out in full force.

Random Tunage:
Nine Inch Nails - Something I Can Never Have
Stabbing Westward - What Do I Have To Do
(okay, not so random. deal with it. I'm in a s***ty mood.)


Anonymous said...

He was riding a clunker MTB and wearing a huge backpack. At least he had a helmet on.

Holy cow, I think you just described me to the dotted T.

Anonymous said...

Lucky for you the Federal Reserve has moved to Penn Valley. All you were taking photos of was a building that's gonna be condos soon :)

Anonymous said...

Sheesh "Dotted T". That was good...coffee...

Jon said...

That's a window-washing platform on the Commerce Bank Bldg., BTW

Noah said...

No, it's not. It hasn't moved in the 3 years I've been looking at it. It MIGHT be a sky lounge of some sort, but it looks like it's on rails that can allow it to roll.

Notice the following facts:

1) It's not the entire width of the building.
2) The windows directly under that platform look different, like they can be opened.
3) From the side, it's enclosed. See photos:

Commerce Bank Building

Close up

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