Thursday, January 28, 2016


A few "first of..." moments:
  1. Bike commute to the new office
  2. Bike commute of 2016
  3. Bike ride below freezing since last winter
For a brief couple of weeks last year, I lived ridiculously close to work, and I rode my bicycle darn near every day. We've moved offices twice since then, settling into our current (and hopefully permanent) digs at the end of October. 

Back in May, during bike to work week, I got a sneak peak of Overland Park's Bicycle Route improvements, including a plan for new bike lanes and sharrows. Most of those improvements have been made, and pretty much my entire commute is covered by those, until I get to Leawood city limits about a mile from my office. Even then, you could ride on far worse Leawood streets than Tomahawk Creek Parkway. It was a pleasant ride at just over six and a half miles.

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