Monday, June 30, 2008

June 2008 Recap

Holy smokes! This has been a heck of a month.

June Week One - Parked at church.

While I broke my car-free streak by driving so I could pick my wife up from the hospital after work last week, by all other measures this month was chock full of surprises, miles, and good times with good cycling friends. I also JUST barely squeaked my $15 worth out of the bus pass, using it for 9 one-way trips this month which would have cost me $15.75.

June Week Two: Karen and I chasing down a new commuter

I packed on the "recreation" miles pretty hard these past two weekends, with the June Moon Ride the weekend before last and the 200k Permanent last weekend. I pretty much enjoy every mile I put on a bicycle, so "recreation" is just a term I use for superfluous bike trips that have no transportation value.

June Week Three: Bike Surgery, wheel swap and fender installation.

I suppose I could say I rode 137 miles last weekend just to get to 3 convenience stores and write it off as a really action-packed day of errands but I doubt anyone would buy that. Completing the 200k lets me scratch one of the big to-do's off of my list of goals for 2008: To ride a genuine century.

June Week Four: Lunch break in dress clothes.

With that, I've managed to wrap up June with 848 miles.
479 came from 20 days of bike commuting
139 came from bike errands
230 came from group rides and the 200k
I rode the bus 4.5 round trips (9 one-ways)
I drove once.
2008: 2460 miles so far.

Another month like this might well kill me, but it would put me right back on track for my goal of 5,000 miles.

June Week Five (okay, just yesterday and today): An electric Scooter.

Other stuff worth mentioning:
I made a radio appearance, and it sounds like a BBC radio appearance might also be in the works for next month. I don't go out seeking media attention, but I'm pretty easy to find if you're looking for a cyclist in Kansas City or a blogging bike commuter anywhere in the world. I'm also a so-called "expert" or "pioneer" according to some local advocacy gurus. I'm actually just a regular guy that's kind of nerdy. I have a way with words and I have a passion for bicycling. The truth is I'd rather be well known for my geek knowledge than my bicycle riding, but if what I know can help and inspire others, I'm all for it. It just so happens that bikes are more popular than cryptography, electronics, and UNIX.

To all who stick around, read my ramblings and leave comments: Thanks. I'm glad someone other than I can get some enjoyment from my goofball adventures.

Rolling 7-day miles (as opposed to only week-to-week miles): I don't know why I get so obsessed with this statistic, but it seems to be a good measure of how I'm doing from an endurance standpoint. Take the last 7 days and total them up. Last year about this time, 175 miles in any 7-day period would have me feeling worn down. My average week was 198 miles this month, or about 28.25 miles per day all month long. This means I'm obviously getting more endurance as I pack on the miles. I don't really feel any stronger on the sprints or while climbing hills. If I were training for a race or something, I may feel inclined to work on that. I'm not, however; and I don't really care if I slog up steep grades at 3MPH.

The last order of business is my weight. I failed this goal for June. I ducked briefly below 200 pounds for just a fleeting moment. As of right now, I'm right at 200 and can't seem to shake it. It always seems I can never lose weight if I'm watching it and trying to lose it.

As far as July goals are concerned, I don't really have any. I'm just going to ride and enjoy it, while trying to bring the other two 2008 goals to fruition. Mostly, that means riding a lot and driving very little.


Apertome said...

Wow. That is just a ton of miles, way to go!

Anonymous said...


How many pounds have you dropped since you first started out? I ask this, because I too am on the north side of 200. Of course, I think a better measurement would be waist size, but I'm no expert.



Noah said...

I'm down about 40-45 pounds from when I started in September 2006. But I'm up 10 pounds from last August or so.

Stuff is fitting a little looser.

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks. I'm about 40 lbs heavier than you currently are. Sheesh, it would be nice to be under 200.

I used to support a union shop, and us techies joked about being in the "Local 200" meaning, a good portion of us were over 200.

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