Friday, December 28, 2007

Funnest ride in recent memory

... of course, that's not saying much given that I've barely broken into 3 digits for my miles this month...

Photo: obligatory timed shot in the snow, taken while waiting for the bus.

I knew it would likely be snowing. Although my little slice of the troposphere was nowhere near as rimy as some of the days we've already had, I opted for the ski goggles to keep the snow out of my eyeballs, and for that I was thankful.

When I got out of my apartment, a fresh, clean layer of powder awaited me. The parking lot was loaded with a few inches of powder: pristine, unplowed, untrodden. What have you. On my way up the Quivira viaduct, I got myself into the zone, spinning away and climbing at a stone-solid 10 miles per hour. I was huffing and puffing through my balaclava, but I wasn't getting fatigued. What's funny is that the cars were having a rough go of it as well, often not going much faster than I before their wheels spun freely against the snowpack.

Once at the maul, I rode around and around until the bus showed up. I made bizarre patterns in the snow. I tried to ride as fast as I could. I tried locking my brakes up and sliding around. I really do love playing in the snow this time of year! It even looks like Warren has seen the light of snow biking.

Random Tunage:
Information Society - What's on your mind (Pure Energy)
Crystal Method - Born too slow


Warren T said...

Yep, had to ride today as well. I got a good laugh when a car passed me at a walking pace.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog topic. How do you keep your hands & feet warm? I ride in Michigan and my hands and feet keep me from extending my rides.

I've tried the Graber sole warmers. I've wrapped my feet in plastic baggies. I wear 2 pairs of windtex booties... still, after 1.5 hours I've got frozen toes.

Any ideas?


Yokota Fritz said...

There's not much better than cycling across a fresh layer of fluffy white snow.

Noah said...


Loose shoes or boots, several layers of wool socks. Tight shoes (or right sized shoes cramped by too many layers of socks) hinder circulation. Cut off the blood supply, you have trouble keeping warm.

I haven't tried it, but I know people who wear (I kid you not!) sandals year round, relying on wool to keep their toes warm.

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