Thursday, December 27, 2007

Slush into snow, playing with Christmas goodies

It's been snowing off and on most of the week. For a change, the white stuff didn't get a chance to burn off all the way, despite temps in the 50s yesterday. They slipped down a bit below freezing overnight, resulting in a gooey, slushy mess on the way to the bus.

I tried out my Specialized Deflect gloves and my new semi-balaclava this morning. The Deflects are apparently made of a kind of thin neoprene or something. They do a great job of blocking the cold wind. I'm going to guess they'll be good into the teens, when I'll have to retreat to thick snow-ski gloves. The balaclava I got is basically a flannel stocking cap with a flip-down scarf that covers your mouth, chin and cheeks. It does little to protect your neck. In the high 20's like it was this morning, this was ample.

By the time the bus had arrived downtown, there was already a nice layer of snow on the ground and it was still coming down. Lorin and I had fun zipping around in the white stuff. I'll take snow over messy slush any day.

In other news, I got my LG Chocolate all figured out. I had to take a rather hackish route to get my contacts moved over from my old phone, fudging around with iSync and BitPIM. In the end, it all worked smoothly. I also picked up the music kit which comes with a data cable. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the data cable will charge my phone without the actual charger brick. The cable itself has a port for plugging in the power cord, so I assumed that it wouldn't charge my phone. This means I don't need to buy a second charger for my office.

Although I woke up early enough to make b-fast for my wife and I while still having time to press a fresh batch of bold, redolent brew, I really needed an extra kick this morning. I redeemed my free drink coupon from Monday to get an uber-ginormous mocha, and it was a welcome addition to my belly.

Random Tunage:
Freeloaders - So much love to give
Lisa Loeb - Stay

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Apertome said...

I went on a glove-finding crusade a few weeks ago and after seeing nothing that interested me at a few different places, the last LBS I visited suggested those very same gloves. I was a little skeptical due to how thin they are, but I love them. It's great to have a surprisingly warm glove that still allows such freedom of movement.

I haven't tried riding in the rain with them yet, and I'm curious how that will work. Supposedly they are pretty good in those conditions, too.

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