Friday, December 28, 2007

More snowy fun and errands

I wanted to get home a little early today, and took a different bus that runs earlier but drops me off a bit further from home. I had to run to the pharmacy, too. I opted for the sidewalk on 87th Street. The snow was infrequently disturbed by footprints and for the most part was wind-blown drift snow interrupted by large mounds of plowed snow at parking lot entrances. The mounds were sometimes 2 feet high or more, but loosely packed enough that I could charge through them. In fact, I actually kicked it up to 400 watts on approach to one of the larger mounds and proclaimed "RAMMING SPEED!" before my collision resulted in pieces of snowpack flying every which way.

The drifted snow was almost as deep as my bottom bracket, so at times I was pushing my feet through the snow just by pedaling.

My errands didn't give me a whole lot of time for goofing off, but I did take my favorite off-road detour on my way back from the pharmacy, and found a bunch of kids playing in the snow. I wrapped up the day with about 8 fun, snowy miles.

Random Tunage:
Massive Attack - Angel
The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It

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