Monday, December 11, 2006


Not to get all myspace-ish teen drama here, but holy crap today sucked. Not specifically my commute. Just stuff on the way and throughout my day at work.

I took some Blockbuster movies back today, I posted that this morning. Well, I guess they were *5* days past the "returnable" date with the new Blockbuster policy. Long story short, we are now proud owners of 5 movies, several of which we don't really want -- All because we've been too busy to get them back to the store. Grand total? $108. We'll see how that turns out. After debating the policy, asking to see a manager, and doing my best to instill a sense of pity, I got nowhere. I rode my F'n bike in the rain to get there, for pete's sake. Does it look like I have $108? (What the pimply faced girl behind the register doesn't know is that I probably make more in a year than her parents both combined, but that's none of her business now, is it?)

Anyhow, I said something like "I'll be back when I can afford it. And stuff." Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. F'n Blockbuster. I have a new name for them, but it's not family friendly, so I won't post it here. Let's just say it rhymes.

Also, my wife landed a swanky new job at a local college. While that's totally awesome, she's going to lose her insurance, and I currently don't have any. It's not that I can't afford to find it, but the consulting company I work for doesn't offer insurance to hourly employees, and I'm making way more as an hourly. This leaves me with the daunting task of finding a health insurance policy for my wife and paying out of pocket for it. Oh joy.

Also, one of my two strings of Christmas lights stopped working on my way home tonight. I'm kind of bummed about that, but it's just icing on the cake and was to be expected after this kind of day.

That's all for now. I rode home like I was competing in a time trial, which helped blow off some steam. I had some serious pent up rage before I hopped on my bike and came home. Then I took a nice hot shower. I feel a little better now, but looking back on things makes me realize that no matter how good you have it, you still win some, lose some.

No picture tonight, unless you want to see a seriously disgusting bike. I'm going to wipe the chain, reflectors, and lights off. That's it. It's going to get even dirtier tomorrow.

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