Monday, December 11, 2006

Getting in the Christmas spirit!

It was such a muddy ride in this morning, but I rode the Outlook, on slicks, with Christmas lights. I borrowed the idea from some other commuters on BikeForums. I got a few friendly honks.

I also took a totally different route today. I had to return some movies to Blockbuster this morning, so I went pretty far out of my normal way, and ended up getting on at a different bus stop than usual.

With the exception of being drenched in really watery mud on my ride, it was pretty uneventful. That's why I change clothes after I get to work, right?

1 comment:

Jeff said...

Ha! Nice lights! I'm getting some tomorrow for my ride. Glad to see I won't be the only..."festive" one out there.

I just found your blog. Good work, man. Keep it up. Glad to see the bus is working out for you. I'm also in KC. I'll wave next time.


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