Monday, May 24, 2010

Dark Side Ride this Friday Night

Imagine a 30-40 mile ride that starts at sun-down. That's a dark-side ride. These things seem to attract bicycle commuter-types, rando-nerds, and mountain bikers. These are no-drop rides with re-group points, but you can usually count on an average pace between 13-16 miles per hour.

As usual, there are rules. They're not my rules. They're just THE rules. The important ones:
* Headlight and tail light required. It's probably a good idea to make sure you can stay lit up for 2.5 to 3 hours, just in case.
* Helmet required.
* Reflective gear: It's ostensibly required, but there may be some leniency here. It's a good idea, though.

Starting point is near the Wendy's parking lot on Woodland just north of K-10. We roll out at 9 sharp, so get there at 8:45 or so. The route isn't going to be too brutal, but there will be a couple of sweat-inducing climbs.

See posts about some past DSRs to get a feel for what they're like:
"June Moon"
Pre-Halloween 2008
DSR: August 2009
The Impromptu DSR in April 2010

Hope to see you out there! Email me (using the form on the right side of my page) if you have any further questions.

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