Monday, January 11, 2010

First batch of recycled Ripple Glass...

I don't hate the whole Green Movement thing. There are many truly sustainable things coming out of it. It just so happens that cars getting no better gas mileage than my '95 Escort, while lugging around 400 pounds of difficult-to-recycle toxic waste isn't one of them.

Remember when I posted about the Ripple Glass site next to my (now former) employer's place? Well, it turns out that today a glass plant in Kansas City, belonging to Owens Corning -- makers of the famous pink home insulation -- has started producing the first batch of fiberglass made from Ripple Glass' recycled bottles. Not only does this keep those bottles out of our landfills and off of our roadways (where they cause flat tires and many other problems) but it takes far less energy to break up and melt old bottles than it takes to make fiberglass from raw materials. That's actually going green! This is a big win for everyone in Kansas City, and neither Ripple Glass nor Owens Corning could have done it without your help, and probably your alcohol habit. So, cheers to you! Bottoms up...

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MRMacrum said...

Certainly there is a lot of hypocrisy inside the "green movement". But as you say, there have been some fine sustainable things to come out of it. All I can do is notice that at least now, it is hip to be green. That is by far a better attitude than our manufacturing base had 30 years ago. And in my mind, attitudes have to change before any tangible and positive activities can result.

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