Friday, November 13, 2009

Ripple Glass

RippleGlass bins are showing up all over the greater Kansas City area. Since the city itself doesn't have an easy-to-use glass recycling protocol, some local companies rallied together to make it a lot more convenient to recycle glass. While I have my reservations about the whole "green" thing, the benefits of easy glass recycling are many, and reach beyond saving the Earth. Namely: I'm hoping it helps reduce the amount of broken glass we cyclists must subject our tires to.

I was also happy to see my company's logo on them. This one showed up in the far corner of the parking lot northwest of the 11th and Wyandotte intersection, right near my office. This is cool, because even suburban commuters can throw a bag of bottles into their vehicles and easily drop them off on their way to work instead of how things used to work: Make a dedicated glass drop-off trip to some part of town you probably wouldn't otherwise visit.

Pretty nifty, if you ask me.


Ken Steinhoff said...

I had just commented on my blog recently that I'd love to see bottle deposits come back.

shawnho said...

This is a great service, since most curbside recycling in KC does not take glass. Here is a link to their site:

Noah said...

I did link to their site in some way or another 3 different times in my post, you know. :P

amnee said...

I'm really excited. My plan is to throw my glass in the kiddie trailer every two weeks or so and drop off on the way to/from work - as there is a place both right by my work and half-way between my house and work. Much more convenient than before.

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