Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One Year, Four Months and Two Days

That's the last time I had to drive to the office for my usual work shift. I don't suppose it's a bad run of things. I just wish the circumstances this morning (me forgetting to set my alarm) were a bit more noble. One morning on I-35 per year is more than enough to remind me why I don't like driving on a daily basis.

Bonus: I did find a parking spot not too far from the office that "only" costs $5 per day.

Insult to injury: I saw a bike commuter I've never seen before wheel into my office building as I walked in from the parking lot.

Random Tunage:
David May - Superstar
Tangerine Dream - Machine Language


Joshua Kriegshauser said...

Congrats man, that's amazing

Doug said...

Oh the horror!! That's like one of my worst nightmares. Specially the part about seeing the other newbie commuter at the office.

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