Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stranger than strange.

I was waiting for Chris to get his bike from River Market Cyclery when I saw this Cannondale Scalpel. It only has one side on its fork. That, my friends, is even stranger than strange.

Billy, the shop owner, says it rides just like a normal cross country mountain bike. He did an almost-century ride on a 29er with a similar fork (and hybrid tires)

And now for some other random pics from the past few days of awesome-weather commuting, in no particular order. It doesn't feel like mid-March to me. I've been eating it up!

Riding with Karen.

Following Chris

Stopped behind/under some crazy truck. GRAAAAAAWWWRRR!


Off-roading my road bike.


Matt said...

Fashion tip: wear your shades over your helmet straps.

Noah said...

That's only so you can see the corporate logos and whatnot. Not a big deal with my $4 tinted uvex safety glasses. Wearing them in the strap keeps them on.

Also, no amount of fashion help with my shades could save me from the other fashion faux pas I made that day:
* Mountain bike shoes
* Black sweat socks
* Cargo shorts
* Wal-Mart running shirt (not a cycling jersey)
* Helmet mirror

I'm a completely hopeless case for fashion. I'll stick to utility :P

Noah said...

Also, I think I broke almost every single road bike photography rule with my "Pre-Dawn" photo. Oops.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for random pics!


pedalGR said...

I'm pretty sure Cannondale has been using their Lefty forks for at least a half dozen or more years. :)

I was pretty taken aback when I first saw one as well.

4tes said...

pedalGR is right. The scalpel has been around a long time. Jinker Juarez has been riding one for years.

Tim O said...

My friend Ted at work was an avid MTBr before he had some back problems. He loved his C-Dale with the lefty fork. He has some esoteric explanation as to why it's great, but it just looks WRONG...

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