Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stop. Cookie Time.

I didn't know whether to make a crack about the girl scout content of my cookies, or whether to say they are secure SSL-Only cookies. They are cookies. Tasty cookies.

Then there was the whole issue of getting eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies home. I didn't have any room for the coffee flask, so I had to strap it down to the top of the panniers. They were loaded pretty well.

On my way home, I hit the LBS and picked up the last pair of brake pads they had that would fit The Goat. I'm kind of leery about the 3-in-one thing: there are actually three separate brake pads in each holder.

We'll see how they do. The old rear pads were worn paper thin, and lasted almost exactly a year. I was generally pleased with them. The fronts still have plenty of material left.


Sirrus Rider said...

Brake Beast! You must be hitting some massive downhills or something. I'm still on my first set of pads for both my '88 Sirrus and my '89 Monitor Pass. Both about 19 years old.

Anonymous said...

We are just selling cookies in Columbia, MO so if you run out by the 26th you can always get more!!!

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