Monday, January 19, 2009

Long weak-end

Kind of a crazy long weekend, but not a lot of photos.

We finally took my mom out for her birthday lunch on Saturday... her B-Day was Jan 4th.

Dad and I went shooting on Sunday:

At ~10 yards. Yes, I need practice. Lots of practice.

More medical mysteries abounded this weekend. Indeed, Martin Luther King Jr. Day didn't feel much like a day off. I still went on my Monday night ride, though. There was a really small turn-out, but it was a nice evening for a ride. Later this week, some locals that frequent the Monday night ride are heading to Belgium for some Cyclocross racing. I'm not much for bike racing, but it would be cool to make it out to Belgium sometime.

I am sooo ready to grind up some Full Vengeance in the morning. I had to pick more coffee up this weekend and picked this up instead of my usual.

I've been using Roasterie Nitro for the last year. Full Vengeance is a bit more mellow but with more complex flavor. The Roasterie is a local roaster that has some truly awesome blends. Their dark roasts are some of my favorites, and Super Tuscan is great for espresso-based drinks. Danny (The Bean Baron) recently started blogging, too. He's only got a few posts up, but hopefully he keeps it up. I don't know Danny personally, but a few of my barista friends are friends of his.


kG said...

Looks like the Bullet Hole? Been a LONG time... I need to get back in there, since one of the recent Randon list postings was about the "best firearm for handlebar bags" -- no lie. Sick sad world we live in where one feel like they have to carry to ride a safe 400K anymore. Nice.

Noah said...

I'm in a bit of an odd situation myself. I'm a strong proponent of the Second Amendment and CCW, but this was actually my first time EVER firing a handgun, despite the fact that I regularly drool over things like Springfield's XD series and The Sig P6/P225/P226.

Without turning this into some kind of epic flame battle about the merits or horror of packing heat on a bicycle, I will say I can't carry on my commute because firearms and knives are not allowed on premises where I work and I wouldn't DREAM of leaving it on the bike, no matter how locked-up and invisible I could make it... not that I feel the need for that kind of self defense on the commute anyway.

I can say that the XD40 Subcompact, XDm 9mm or the aforementioned offerings from Sigarms would tuck away nicely in any handlebar bag I've ever seen, should you feel like it.

I personally feel that carrying firearms out of fear is a really, really bad idea, but carrying it out of preparedness (which includes lots of training and frequent practice) and public responsibility isn't a bad thing.

Still, I'm not sure I'd tote anything like that around on my bike. Of course, with things like this happening in KC, I couldn't fault someone for it.

The Unabashed Blogger said...

"I'm a strong proponent of the Second Amendment and CCW" +1

Lugging an extra 4#'s doesn't seem very appealing and I'm not sure that we are "there" yet, but I have thought about it.

That murder in '05 is crazy! I ride that road all the time! In fact, I know a couple of families that live off of Blue Ridge and some of us in the area ride that semi often.

Makes ya think twice...

Noah said...

I wouldn't pack on my commute. I might think about it on a cross-country ride. I'm with you, Unabashed, No thanks. At least not on my route.

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