Sunday, August 31, 2008

Unintentional Recreation Ride

'Twas a beautiful morning. I decided I'd ride to church again today. Now that 127th St. is open again, it's a little more than 7 miles each way. That's about half an hour at my usual (brisk, but not remotely fast) commuting pace, and 40-45 minutes at a pace that keeps sweating and panting to a minimum. I was somewhere between the two, taking advantage of the relatively cool morning and lack of wind.

When I arrived, no one was around. I called my parents, and apparently, I'd missed the memo. No official church service today (due to issues with the school we're meeting in). With that, I decided to get some recreation miles in. The school is just down the road from an entrance to Indian Creek Trail. I took Indian Creek south until I got to the Nazarene College campus, then took roadways to the southern terminus to Mill Creek Trail, which is just a mile from my old apartment.

I rode the trail north, and saw the new bridge they put in at College Blvd. This is nice for everyone. College is an increasingly busy arterial roadway, and Mill Creek Trail was an at-grade crossing, and a dangerous one at that. Both trail users and motorists had to be really careful. Also, there was a busy railroad crossing that would jam up traffic on College. Now, College goes right over all of that stuff.

Further up the path, I saw these landmarks, signifying the last stretch of the trail that was put in place in June of 2000.

At the northern end of the trail (some 17 miles north of the point I'd entered) on Nelson Island, I took this shot across part of the Kaw River. I haven't been here since March 17, 2007 when I rode the same stretch of trail with Tim on Hybridzilla.

I had to pick up some stuff at the grocery store on the way home.

Great day for a ride. Total of 46.5 miles. I was kind of hoping for a full 50, but had to get back home.

Random Tunage:
While on the Mill Creek Trail part of my ride, I rocked out to some 8- and 16-bit video game theme songs.

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