Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mmmm... Audits

No, not an IRS Tax Audit... at least, I hope not!

Quarter end is always a fun time in the business world, and as part of my job duties, I get to help with the periodic industry-standard audit reporting. I've actually got two different audits somewhat in the works right now (SOX and SAS-70 for those who care) and it's got me swamped. I'm actually trying to wrap up as much SAS-70 stuff as I can before I get thrown into SOX reporting after the Labor Day weekend.

I got out pretty late today, and tomorrow's looking like more of the same. I'm writing this on the bus!

Sure, there's a stiff headwind, and a heat index of 100, and a thunderstorm watch (which, by the way, is causing some breath-taking thunderheads that I wish I could catch on time-lapse camera). Then there's the traffic that you start to see after 5:00PM. Those are the real reasons I'm on the bus and not on my bike right now. I'd probably beat the thunderstorm on the way home if I took the bike, but it's hard to tell. Regardless, I commute by bike primarily because it's fun, not just on principle alone. The current situation would easily take the fun out of it.

No homeward photos this evening, unless you're really interested in the backs of other peoples' heads.


Anonymous said...

If you commute primarily for fun, do you have plans for winter commuting? Cold-weather gear? Stuff like that? Inquiring minds want to know.

Paul Sarbanes &
Michael Oxley

Noah said...

I actually quite enjoy a little bit of winter riding on my mountain bike, but I multi-mode commute with the bus any time there's bad weather. It's only 2-3 miles of riding each way if I use some of the closer bus stops. Lots less than the 14.5 each way I ride in the summer. I've ridden down to 3-below-zero. I mostly use snow skiing gear for my face, head, and hands while relying on several thin layers of clothing to stay warm in the elements.

My usual winter run with the bus takes about 10-15 minutes if the pavement is clear and up to half an hour each way if there's a lot of snow or ice on the ground. Yes, it's fun. And if it isn't (for example: 35 degrees with driving winds and a torrential downpour) there's a really, really, really slow bus that practically picks me up at my front door. No bike needed, and I still leave the car parked at home.

The Unabashed Blogger said...

This is all I have to say about yesterday's commute home...

Tim O said...

You should get CCS from Symantec for IT audits :) This is a paid political announcement (haha)

Noah said...

Unabashed: Yikes. No, really. I did get thoroughly drenched on the short 2 mile ride from the bus stop. I should take back my "I could beat the storm home" statement. There's no way I'd have made it.

Tim: Do I sense lunch on Symantec's dime? :D

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