Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wakey, Wakey!

Photo: Left turn at Quivira and 79th

I still got to bed a bit later than I'd wished, but all in all, I felt a bit better this morning. I really hope my goodies from Performance Bike get here sooner rather than later. My chain's slipping in higher gears and I'm really tired (pun intended) of the crappy low-pressure Kenda ATB I have on the rear wheel.

I didn't intentionally take this. I accidentally hit the shutter a few times while riding with my camera in hand and resting on the handlebars. This was one of the stray photos that were taken without my knowledge. I like it.

Sunrise as I coast down 67th Street

Cranes working downtown.

Random Tunage:
The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It
Orbital - One Perfect Sunrise


MRMacrum said...

I like the stray photo also. SOmetimes a form is all you need for a good picture.

Anonymous said...

Left turn at Quivira... raw with a little Qtpfsgui postprocessing? TP

Noah said...

It was straightened, cropped and levels adjusted with iPhoto. I also just now realized that I should have called it "Left on 79th" because that's actually what happened in the photo. Yay me for uploading pics before my coffee buzz sets in.

Original: JPEG, 2592x1944, ISO 80, f/5.6, 5 Second exposure (More Info)

When I shoot RAW, I have been using UFRaw and GIMP, though. Thanks for the tip on Qtpfsgui. I need to try it out.

I uploaded the genuine original of "Left on Quivira" for you to look at. (Original high-res here)

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