Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bus and errands

I wanted to get home as early as possible. I've said it before, but the one shining gem in Johnson County Transit's anemic schedule is the very first southbound Antioch Bus. Sure. There was a headwind. My new, high-pressure Forte Slick City ST's aren't in yet. The heat and humidity gave us a heat index closing in on 95 degrees. Really, I just wanted to get home quickly.

A while later, I had to run some errands. I love twilight and long exposure times. Here are some photos.


Apertome said...

Really excellent shots. The second one demonstrates how bright your headlight is ... wow!

I love twilight shots, too. With my DSLR I've been working on trying to get them to turn out as dark as they should -- in auto modes it always tries to make everything into a bright shot ... looks like your camera's doing the same. Both shots look like they were taken in broad daylight. I wonder if there's a night scene mode or something.

Noah said...

Both shots were taken in full manual mode as long exposures with a 2-second shutter delay to allow the camera to settle before opening the shutter. They're intentionally a little overexposed.

The fountain shot was a little overexposed to get more motion out of the fountain. I am happy with the results.

The parked shot was a little more overexposed than I'd have liked and it actually exaggerates the LED's power. My bike was parked behind a bunch of trees in a little mulch area. I like to park here because there's no bike parking at this strip mall and it hides my bike quite well. In order to make the bike visible, I had to go long. I also used optical zoom which as you know increases f/ thus I had to open the shutter for the entirety of SIX SECONDS to get that shot.

Noah said...

For what it's worth, I never intentionally use auto mode on my camera, ever. I wish I had finer control of the auto modes like some of the P&S Olympus Cameras (The 2020z I used to use at the college was nice, for example). If I don't feel like taking the time to dial in manual settings, I'll usually use the "Program" mode (Technically, adjustable aperture automatic) of my PowerShot A530. In Twilight, I've found that pulling it back as much as 1-1/3 is necessary.

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