Friday, May 30, 2008

Ow OW. But new toys.

I had a credit for a free Minsky's pizza since the last time I ordered from them they tried to poison me with mushrooms when I didn't ask for them. Before picking up my delectable disc, I swung by River Market Cyclery. There they were: the panniers of my desires. Axiom's Journey Series of bags is not only rugged, but very attractive. I picked up the LaSalle model, which holds nearly twice as much as the Banjo Brothers saddlebags are rated for, while sitting further back on my rack.

Not only that, but they come with rain covers. Here they are. One with and the other without the rain cover installed:

After a few weeks, I'll put a review up. They had no problem hauling my ample load home this evening. In fact, I could have used just one of them.

The triumvirate of callous humidity, baleful headwind and obdurate sun made the ride home even harder this evening. With Chris, Karen and I As a homeward convoy of three, there was a symbolic moment of three-on-three. Us versus the weather. Part way back home, we stopped at the Trek Store for water bottle refills and a break. Chris had a coupon for some free stuff, too. I think that's the real reason we stopped.

A few blocks later, I saw yet another Foo reference. Gotta love Foo, even if The Crumudgeonator himself remains guarded about it. Okay, and there are the (not so?) infrequent trolls and morons there. But really, it's funny to see what cyclists of all walks discuss when they're trying not to talk about bikes.

I rushed home as fast as I could with my noodly legs and evil weather. I got to finally bring my wife home from the hospital, after more than 3 days there. She's feeling better and resting now, but still needs a few days before she even thinks of being mobile.

Random Tunage:
Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles
Daft Punk - Technologic


Anonymous said...

Those look like nice bags. I'm tempted to buy panniers but then I think I'd haul too much. I have the trek trunk bag with fold down panniers and they are stuffed most days. Just last week I cleaned mine out because it got drenched in the rain. I left several things out thinking I didn't need them but have already wished for a couple of those items. Do you use these on a daily basis?

Noah said...

This was my first day with this set. I ride with panniers daily, though.
In one side, I carry a 13" MacBook, the power cord, a set of earphones and my bike lock. On the other side I have a multi-tool and then my underwear, socks, pants and shirt for the office. Occasionally, I'll put lunch in one side or the other.

When the weather is in transition (near freezing in the morning, warm in the afternoon) I have to carry work clothes AND shorts on my way to work, then on my way home I have to carry my work clothes and the cold-weather riding gear I used in the morning. Add a lunch bag on top of the rack and you have this.

The wedge pack under my bike seat has all the stuff I need to fix a flat. Otherwise, that stuff would be in the panniers as well.

I'll get some decent photographs of the new panniers on and off my bike this weekend.

Apertome said...

Sweet panniers! I'm looking forward to hearing how those work out for you. I'll probably be in the market to upgrade mine sometime this year.

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