Monday, November 19, 2007

My goodness...

400 PM CST MON NOV 19 2007


K.C. INTL CLEAR 73 54 51 S18G25 29.88R
K.C. DOWNTOWN CLEAR 75 55 49 S21G30 29.88R
LEES SUMMIT CLEAR 73 55 53 SW21G28 29.91R
OLATHE - IXD CLEAR 73 56 54 S16G24 29.91S
OLATHE - OJC CLEAR 72 57 59 S14G20 29.91S
LAWRENCE CLEAR 75 55 49 S17 29.88R

For those of you who don't know what's up with that, it means that I had some insane headwinds to deal with this afternoon, but with temps clearly in the mid-70s throughout KC, it was still a nice ride, just a little slow.

Not much more to say about that.

I took my panniers to a Tailor today after I got home from work. They'll be out of commission for a few weeks while they get fixed up. My daily abuse over the last 7 months has caused 2 seams to start to tear. Nothing major, but I want to get it fixed and have all the seams reinforced before they get worse. I'll be using the backpack for a few weeks, I guess.

Between time at the tailor and eating my supper, I ran out of time before the Monday ride, so I drove there. I know, for shame. I took the mountain bike out, and I'll probably keep it out. I'm putting the Outlook on the back porch (covered) and hanging the Trek on the wall indoors. The Sorrento will be my main ride for a while.

On the "Recovery ride" I made the mistake of chasing the breakaway. Two very fit guys on fixies and one CX racer on a Conquest pro took off like a bat out of hell and I was growing weary of the lethargic pace of the core crowd. I kept them in sight, but I couldn't keep up with their crazy pace on my mountain bike. I was wringing out my gearing and just not getting any purchase. I arrived to Tienda Casa Paloma (the end point) gasping for air, legs and lungs on fire. So much for recovery. Russ (on the Conquest) and a few others always go for this little sprint at the end, and they ride like they're racing for points. It's pretty funny to watch, but I should have known it was pretty ridiculous for me to try to keep up with them, at least on the Sorrento.

Random Tunage:
Garbage - I think I'm paranoid
Lisa Loeb - I do

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