Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bouncy Bouncy!

I took the Sorrento to the bus this morning. You can guess the outcome. :)

Slogging up the Quivira viaduct was really difficult this morning. Let me count the ways! I was wearing a bulky backpack, riding uphill on knobby tires into a ridiculous headwind on a viaduct that puts you right out there with nothing to baffle the breeze.

It was still fun, but I'd compare this morning's ride to getting kicked in the teeth with a pleasant, minty aftertaste. Times like these make me really wish I had a cyclocross bike.

Random Tunage:
Orbital - Halcyon + On + On
Chumbawamba - Mary Mary


Sirrus Rider said...

Cyclecross: One more bike on Noah's wish list.

It's cool though, it's a little like collecting golfclubs, or tools. Before too long you'll also get a trike for big grocery days, a Recumbent for well.. whatever 'bents are good for, a brompton for when you don't want to leave a bike outside and want to carry it with you..

Noah said...

Well, if you recall from the very first time that the road bike bug sank its teeth into me, I was thinking about a Conquest, which is a purebred 'Cross bike in the truest sense of the word. Several times while I was hunting for my new commute bike I brought up cyclocross bikes.

Now look where I'm at. It's cold outside. It'll be snowing soon. I like riding on somewhat rough stuff, a little light offroad, but not a whole lot of rough terrain that would really call for my mountain bike. Truth be told, a cyclocross bike would have probably worked fine on the singletrack I've ridden in the past, I just would have had to pick my lines a little more diligently as opposed to bombing into boulders with reckless abandon.

No, I kind of wish I'd have listened to my senses on the 'Cross bike. I should have saved up a little more cash and gone for it. I don't regret buying my 1200. I regret NOT buying a cyclocross bike and a second wheelset for skinny road tires.

Anonymous said...

Hey Noah, if you're really interested in this type of setup let me know. I have a frame I think you might be interested in!


Noah said...

I am. My wallet is not. Even if you have a complete frameset, there's at the bare minimum a wheelset, crank 'n' ring, saddle and brakes to buy, and that's if I go with a flip/flip single/fixie 'cross bike setup. Ideally I'm looking for a nice, geary bike with STI brifters and 'cross brake secondaries. Bling-bling, cha-ching! That's a lot of components. If it's not a full frameset then I'm also looking at a fork, stem and bars. Shoot me now.


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