Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Grocery bags: Just a sack, or a way of life?

Right now, downtown KC is simply drenched. Although my Kensington Contour backpack has never given me problems with keeping the laptop dry, I usually end up wrapping all of my gadgets in grocery bags before riding in the rain. When it's wet like this, these mysterious bags become much more than just a thin sack to carry stuff home.

My wife and I re-use the heck out of these bags. Three or four of them crinkle up quite nicely into a small space, so I keep them with me all the time. I can re-use them for a month or more. We also line our small trash bins with them, transport goodies to work in them, and various other things.

Although nothing you get at a store is genuinely "free", there's no line-item charge for things like grocery bags. The cost is just built into the price of goods at the store. That said, they're just about the most inexpensive way to schlep stuff around and keep rain out of your gadgets.

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She Wants Revenge - Tear you apart
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