Thursday, October 18, 2007


Photo: I got bored last night and found out that with nothing more than a soda can and some scissors or a knife of some sort, I can defeat my cable lock in about 2 minutes without destroying or damaging it. I was just goofing off, I didn't lose my keys or anything. I guess it's a good thing that I use a high-quality lock and chain when I'm downtown.

There's not a lot worth mentioning today. My wrist isn't any better than it was yesterday, so I'm still on the Outlook and using the bus. I ate a huge breakfast but nothing compared to Hardees' new 920-Calorie artery-clogging breakfast burrito. I had some coffee with friends before work, then came to the salt mine to make a few bucks. Just another day at work.

Random Tunage:
Way Out West - Secret
Orbital - Semi Detached


Sirrus Rider said...

The sad truth is that if someone criminal wants your bike they will find a way. By definition they are criminals and rules are to be broken. The good news is the presence of a lock is usually enough to deter the curious.

Frogman said...

That's a big chunk of food, but the article quotes from so I have to give it a small amount of doubt. The CSPI has made many horribly stupid claims in the past. The head, Michael Jacobson, has said that “CSPI is proud of finding something wrong with practically everything." They have come out against coffee, and when Jacobson tried to ban it in the CSPI offices the workers protested so much he had to give up. It's a damn shame reporters still treat them like a reliable source for health news.

Noah said...

Well, looking at the laundry list of contents, there's no way that's a healthy breakfast.

920 Calories though? That's about an hour worth of intense cycling (not quite racing). So even if I swung by Hardees on my way to work and ordered a future angioplasty like this from the menu, at least it wouldn't go straight to my thighs.

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