Thursday, July 12, 2007

Upgrades... and more Turkey Creek pics

My old brakes were absolutely trashed. They've been on the way out for a few weeks, and may have had a week or two left in them, but I decided to replace them with SwissStop green pads, which from the sound of the bike shop techs, are a lot like KoolStop Salmons. We'll see. 80 grit sandpaper would probably have been better than my OEM pads at this point, though. The rain this morning had my bike grimed up pretty good, so while it was apart to replace the brake pads, I gave it a thorough clean and lube. I found yet another flat on the back tire, but it was a slow leak. I hope the patch holds. If not, I have everything I need to fix it en route. I think this will hold, though.

I hopped on Turkey Creek Trail even further north than usual today and got pictures of an area a mile or so north of where yesterday's pictures were. Click here for the whole album.

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