Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rain drops keep falling on my head...

Edit: I just realized... TODAY IS MY 100th BIKE COMMUTE DAY OF 2007!

Yesterday, the forecast for today was 30-80% chance of rain, depending on who you want to believe. This morning, tall billows draped the sky in many directions, but it was nice and balmy. Not too warm, not too chilly, and humid without being overkill.

Without a second thought, I departed, and saw Chris ahead. Someone else was also behind me on a bike. A ways down the road, Karen was just pulling up to Quivira. 4 Bicycles?! Not quite. The guy behind me didn't follow us, and didn't appear to be headed to work either, unless he had ALL of his belongings at work already waiting for him. That's a possibility, I suppose.

I lagged pretty far behind for most of the trip. I'll make a halfway-through-July statistics post tomorrow evening, but right now, I've managed to rack up over 100 miles this week alone so far, already beating last week's miles with the very real possibility that I'll have racked up more than 140 miles by the end of the week, so long as I make these final three one-way trips between home and work this week. It's certainly not the 179 miles I rode during Bike To Work Week when I lived even further from work than I do now, but it still feels like a lot of miles and I'm to the point where I can ALMOST recover from the previous day's riding by taking my four- or five-hour long nightly slumber. The key word in almost. So yes, I was a little sluggish today, with about a 15 MPH average for the whole trip.

Anyhow, on with the rain. Oh, the rain! About 10 miles into my 14 mile ride, I felt a water droplet hit my arm. At first, I thought it was sweat. Then, I felt another drop. And another. This went on for about a mile. Then, it was sprinkling for about a minute. Then, it turned into a full-on rain shower. Nothing major, but it made the pavement wet, which in turn means it was slippery as well. Chris and Karen had both turned off down by Boulevard Brewery. I was still a ways behind.

I went ahead and rode straight to work through the rain. It wasn't that bad, really. I am really missing my morning mocha, though. If it clears up, I may walk down and get it a little bit later.


amidnightrider said...

The internet weather report last night said thunder storms for the AM commute, so I slept in.

The page today looks nothing like it did last night. A beautiful day is forcast. I have been caught in the rain a few times and never minded it. Like your ride today there was no torrential downpours.

I mentioned in a couple of posts of mine meeting other bike riders. I have yet to get one to even look up. An unfriendly bunch they are.

Sirrus Rider said...

Damn! Congrats! You've almost rode a third of a year!

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