Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July Goals, joke of the year

What was I thinking? 2 Round trips per week without a car (8 RT's total)? 400 Miles? Bike:Drive ratio up over 4.0:1? What the heck?!

Try 13 round trips by bike so far (3 round trips with some kind of vehicle assist) and 521 miles for July.. and a 2007 cumulative ratio of 4.54:1!

I could stop riding for the rest of the month and be okay on my goals. BUT... I have 4 more work days this month, which is at least 110 miles worth of riding if the weather is good. Awww yeah!

Then, and here's the fun part... I'm thinking of hitting the c'Dude Full Moon Feeeeevuh ride. That's right. 35+ miles of darkness, or will it be dorkness with my reflective vest? We'll have to see if I can make it to the ride. I want to. That could put me up over 650 miles for the month. And there's still a Monday Trek Store ride with my name on it... Hmm...

Stay tuned. When I started riding in September, I never thought I'd be one of those crazy guys that rides 200 miles in a month. No sir!

The ride home was fun. Lorin followed me in, and I showed him the ropes on how to get around on Southwest Boulevard and Turkey Creek trail. He hadn't ridden all the way home from work before. I hope he had a blast and wants to keep doing it! It was a nice, slowish pace which is just what I needed after the hammerfest this morning.

Random Tunage:
Armin Van Buuren Ft. Racoon - Love You More
Bryan Adams - Heaven


amidnightrider said...

SPD pedals are the cat's meow for those quick lunchtime rides you did yesterday for Chinese.

You keep showing people how easy it is to ride like you did with Loring, KC is going to look like China with roads full of bikes.

MRMacrum said...

Setting goals and then surpassing them is one of the best feelings there is. Just be careful to not let the goals consume the activity. I burned myself out after 3 years of setting increasingly higher mileage and average MPH goals. Riding became a means to the end. I had to stop. It was not fun anymore.

Noah said...

FYI, Crum, it's not the first time you've given me this advice and my reply remains the same. I don't even log my average speed for my commute, and my goals change from month to month. All I want is something that I can keep an eye on as a litmus test. Something to keep me honest to myself, and to keep it fun. Sometimes my goal is to do X number of bike commutes. Other times it's for mileage. For example, I may not have another 600 mile month this year, and I'm ready to deal with that. You won't see "700 miles" as my August goal in my july wrap-up post. I can guarantee that!

MRMacrum said...

No problem Noah. Besides the fact that my memory is shorter than I am, I have seen hundreds of people get into this sport intensely only to burn themselves out in a year or two. I had to take my own break. What kept me connected was the bike shop and my daughter. When I burned out, she was just really getting into the swing of it. I would say she brought back the fun of cycling for me.

Anyway, just keep the fun factor there somewhere. That's all. I won't mention it again.

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