Thursday, July 19, 2007

Great links. Recommended reading.

I have ALWAYS loved the Bastard Operator From Hell stories. BOFH, the alter-ego of IT guy and fiction writer, Simon Travaglia, is a bitter and vengeful systems administrator. Simon's stories come straight from the trenches of IT. His adventures and exploits are obviously based on reality but slightly (and sometims overtly) sensationalized or exaggerated.

Anyone who's had to work in IT or management in a company with a structured IT department in the last few years has probably been faced with changes to the system. I'm talking about the ITIL Framework, change control/management, and all that jazz. Well, Simon's at it again, having fun with service level agreements this time in BOFH 2007 Episode 24: A question of urgency. This is worth the read, and hits close to home for me. I'd imagine anyone else that's involved in "the next big thing in IT management" will enjoy it. Unless you're one of those pointy-haired bosses that gets stuck enforcing this stuff.

Also, yesterday I saw this awesome letter to non-cyclists on Even though it's almost 10 months old, it's also definitely worth the read, and it's even bike related! Imagine that!

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Apertome said...

BOFH was always a good read years ago. I had no idea it's still being written.

Thanks for the link to that letter, that's good stuff.

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