Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back to basics

I should have just ridden my bike today. The rain was all around noon time, but it was dry when I got to work and dry when I left. I hate taking the bus, even the express bus. I got stuck on another short bus on my way home, which had me lugging the sorrento into the bus, and holding it steady the entire trip, occupying the wheelchair space. I ended up working late, though, doing some glitch fixing. I'm not sure I would have liked trying to ride home at 5:00 PM.

So, I'm going back to basics with the Trek in the morning. My panniers are still at work. I'm leaving the laptop here at home, and taking just the bare essentials tomorrow. If nothing else, this will tell me if it's just me being slow, or if the extra encumbrance of panniers (and the stuff within them) is holding me back. All I'm taking with me is a plastic grocery sack containing my work clothes, cell phone, and access card stuff.

To pass the time at work, I took a 256MB memory stick I had laying around and threw 255.8 MB worth of music onto it that I let iTunes pick randomly out of my highest-rated tracks. I hope there's enough variety and music to keep me busy for 8 hours tomorrow. I'll just plug it into my work computer and use my headphones there.

I don't use my work PC for personal web browsing even though I could probably get away with it, so you won't likely see any further posts from me until tomorrow night. I'll be checking my comments and e-mail from my cell phone, though. ;)

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