Friday, December 15, 2006

Slow Start

This is just a pic of the side profile of my bike with the reflective stuff on it. I don't have my toolbox on the rack right now, I replaced it with the milk crate (so I could haul my laptop and duffel bag.) The stuff on the fork and chain/seat stay is red reflective tape. There's a few pieces of "Candy cane" reflective tape on the rims and the basket. The basket also has amber tape on the side. By my handlebar you see the reflective material on the handlebar bag, and under my rack, you see a very bright seat bag. :)

Anyhow, you really, really need adequate sleep in order to ride a bike or do any strenuous physical activity first thing in the morning. I never did get caught up on my sleep deficit from yesterday, and didn't get enough sleep for last night alone, either.

Last night's ride didn't help me much. I exerted myself when I was already tired, and I was slightly under-dressed in only a t-shirt, gloves and jeans (and my nylon mesh reflective vest that adds nothing in the way of warmth.) I should have tossed a windbreaker on. It was a fun ride, though, which is why I do it.

I woke up pretty late this morning, but managed to kick myself into gear (even if it was a gear on the granny ring) after about an hour of bludgeoning the snooze button in contempt of all things work-related.

I forgot to mention last night that I did a brake upgrade on the Outlook. A few days ago I tuned the original brakes as best I could, and it helped a little. Last night, I got tired of the stockers and tossed on a set of longer, softer Jagwire pads, which were the only "post-style" pads (found on some cantilever systems) the bike shop had in stock. It took me a good half hour or so to get them really perfected. I broke them in gently last night, but had a chance to put them through their paces this morning. They are a world apart from the original pads. I can do a brake-induced front wheelie now, no problem! I still prefer the linear-pull V Brake system on my Sorrento, though.

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