Friday, December 15, 2006

Fun return trip

Well, I loaded the bike up with Christmas goodies on my way home tonight! My wife's present is in the duffel bag and I got a package in the mail.

When I went down to my bike, I saw a guy working on a mid-90's Ford Escort. It turns out he was trying to fix a problem with his self-retracting seatbelt. It's a common problem. I, myself have a '95 Escort as does my father. They both have the issue. I gave him a few pointers on why it breaks and how to fix it. Some of you don't know, some of you do. I actually have a few cars, and one of my main websites is a Ford Focus site that has instructions for modifying, repairing, and maintaining the Focus. I'm quite handy with a wrench, and enjoy helping people fix things, whether they're bikes, cars, electronics, or machinery.

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