Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Second bike commute of 2013


www.KCFreeThinkers.org said...

Came across your blog checking things all biking out in Johnson County. Used to live in Lenexa of 93rd and Lackman. Taken up biking last year. Normally do a loop around JoCo - 25 miles or so once a week.

My wife and I have 1 car and share an office off Roe & I-435.
Often times I take my bike to the office in the trunk with back seat down and front wheel off. Do my stuff and pedal back to my house off 135th and Quivira (10 miles).

There is a nice couple of hills going back home, one is (at 8 miles marker on Indian Creek Trail) which I call "Th Hill of Death" by St. Andrews Golf Course. Love that one.

Also love taking the trail to 163rd in Olathe - about 10 miles.

My next feat is taking off from Olathe and going up North to Missouri River through Shawnee Mission Park. Looks like 17 miles one way. Should be fun. May try it some time in May.

You are Christian? For Reelz? A true Christian? Or a follower of Christ? Do you accept evolution? Old or Young Eearth? Are you for equal rights for all people or listen to what your god tells you and your ministers? I am a secular militant anti theistic rationalist.

I love eating Christians for breakfast, lunch and dinner, regardless of what they proclaim.

Maybe we can meetup up one day, do some biking and BS about Jesus who is not good in his own words?

Noah said...

An honest to god Christian, but one that sees little value in debating doctrine. Evidence points to old (let's call it billions of years) Earth, but the age of this ball flying through space which we all call home doesn't really make much of a difference to me. I believe that each person's religious beliefs are part of their own journey. I do not believe that society should be held to the standards of any one religion's moral frameworks.

I'm for equal rights. I get frustrated with folks who identify as anti-anything, be it anti-abortion, anti-gun, anti-theist or anti-gay. Defining yourself by the things you pedantically oppose with every fiber of your being being is a sad way to live life.

To that end, you sound like an interesting enough person, and I'm friends with quite a few of the KC Freethinkers. I think most of them would tell you I'm a humanist through and through. You probably have bigger fish to fry. I have no interest in discussing things we're diametrically opposed on. I'd be more than happy to talk about bikes, technology, science and those things we assuredly have in common.

www.KCFreeThinkers.org said...

Science! Yeah! Technology! Yeah! Jesus? Yeah within reason and boundaries of epistemology and not pretending to know what you don't know. You sound like a rational new age/ post Christian humanist. You forgot to mention politics? :o) I think we'll have some things to chat about.

Let's see if we can meetup one day on a bike trail and maybe have a brown bag lunch and break bread together?

I have not found a good way to make it up North to 87th and Quivira, maybe all the way on Pflumm from 135th Street? You work by 69 Highway and 127th street? So this is by Tomahawk Creek Trail, so we can rendezvous there maybe right by the underpass? Should be a short hop for you.

A friend of mine David and I bike 1-2 times a week. Sometimes I just go out on my own, if he cannot make it. I also bike home from my office off Roe & I-435. I live off 135th and Quivira in South OP. David lives off 97th and State Line in KCMO. We normally meetup at one of the two Leawood parks on the Tomahawk Creek Trail towards him and take some rest there and I peddle back home. He is working up his game and would be OK one day to meet up with us by your work one day if you are OK with it. He's a quiet atheist, but extremely well read.

Or we may hook up by College and Antioch off Indian Creek Trail going North East from Olathe to Corporate Woods and State Line? - this maybe closer to you on your way home?

I work out of home, so I am good almost any time.

Let me know. You can e-mail me iggykc@gmail.com or call 913-894-4024 with your schedule and route.

You may find this link to JoCo bike trails useful if you have not found it yet? - http://jcprd.com/parks_facilities/trailguide.cfm


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