Monday, May 14, 2012

Bike Week 2012: Overland Park Deanna Rose Farmstead Event

I seem to post this same photo every year. Again, it was good to see Drew and commuterDude at the booth. I'm not sure how many other events I'll make it to this week, but you can probably count on seeing me at Friday's OP city hall booth.


Unknown said...

I was bummed this morning - showed up at the Tomahawk Ridge community center at 6:35am and nobody was there! :(

Noah said...

the OP folks hadn't set up? Ouch. I know last year, they set up at Deanna Rose with seconds to spare, right at 6:30.

Steve Williams said...

Strange, I was there at 6:30 and they were still setting up, and I left at 6:40 just as the news crew was about to do a weather spot. Got my new trail map and a banana and headed to work. I'm hoping to swing by the corporate woods spot tomorrow morning. Maybe I'll see someone there!

Unknown said...

Dang - maybe I was in the wrong place! Now I feel like an idiot. I rode down by the pool and around the parking lot but couldn't see anyone remotely "bikey".

I'm going to try again at the Indian Creek trail breakfast stop this morning.

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