Thursday, October 06, 2011

Tiny victory

At work, a lot of people have taken to walking. A while ago, the HR department started a monthly drawing. Entry is simple. Each participant gets one point for every half-mile they walk. Fill up a card with 20 points (10 miles walked) and you get your name into the drawing. Fill up multiple cards, get multiple entries.

Monday, I asked HR if I could count my bicycling. I somewhat arbitrarily suggested a 4:1 ratio to keep it neat, and they went for it. So now, I'm racking up one card for every 40 miles ridden. I'll fill up my second card for the week tomorrow.

Not that I really need any more incentive to ride, or anything. If word spreads, maybe some others will finally start riding to work. I've been working here for almost 18 months now, and I've never once seen another bike locked up to the bike rack they built when I started.

Oh, and a moth.


Unknown said...

I love this post and I can't even say why. I'll have to propose this same thing to my company. There are 2 people I know of that already walk around the parking lot perimeter around lunchtime to burn some calories.

You never specified - What do you get if you win the drawing?

Noah said...

I think a gift card to a place of the employee's choosing, if I understand this correctly. They had a big kick-off meeting back in April that I didn't attend. I never really paid it much attention before.

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