Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hundred MPH motorcycles

About half of my commute takes place on a road that's separated from I-35 by little more than a few sets of railroad tracks and the standard railroad right-of-way. Many mornings, I will observe a red or blue motorcycle barreling through traffic on the highway at speeds well into the triple digits, weaving between cars. I used to think it was the same moron with more than one bike. This morning, both of them were out playing a game of chase in the middle of morning rush hour, doing stuff that I can only imagine pushes the very limits of human reaction time several times per minute.

They're eventually going to get hurt if they keep this up. I couldn't really care less if they did -- after all, they likely know full well that they're teasing the grim reaper when they act this way.  I just hope they don't take anyone with them when it happens.


Robert Patterson said...

Would alerting the local constabulary be prudent? Just a thought.

Dan said...

I saw a couple of guys doing this near Chicago a couple of weeks ago. Scared me to death when they passed me out of nowhere.

Gimpson said...

A co-worker here in LA recently switched from driving his Corvette to a motorcycle to better deal with traffic on his commutes. He often brags about averaging 80 mph during his commute. Since I know a good bit of his commute takes place on city streets, he's either lying or he's one of these guys. I'd guess the former, but having ridden in his Corvette, he is definitely the kind of guy who must get his vehicle up to the maximum speed he can as quickly as possible at all times, even if it means slamming on the brakes for that red light 800 yards up the road.

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