Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kicking off Bike Week 2011!

Yesterday started Bike Week in Kansas City. Bike Week and I go back about 4 years. Bike Week 2007 was when I set myself to riding both ways to and from work as much as possible. I'd ridden the entire trip home from work a few times, but Bike Week was a turning point to my commutes. It was the week I realized I didn't need to rely on the bus; that I could get around under my own power. The switch had flipped on: "Any distance is biking distance."

There were many inspirations for me to start this journey, from picking up a bike in the first place, to trudging through the winter, to writing about it. Even though I now have a more modest distance to work, I hold Bike Week dear for getting me into longer distance commuting. There's been a lot of comeraderie around it as well. I genuinely love meeting other bicycle commuters. I love talking to inquisitive folks about it. I love showing people good routes and little-known shortcuts.

I didn't go anywhere yesterday, but today, I had to get some groceries.

Here are some other recent photos.

Up really late doing some data recovery for someone who installed Ubuntu over Windows without making sure everything was backed up.
Data Recovery

Our two cats, tolerating one another.

I'll leave you with this slide show of all the photos I've taken during Bike Week the past 3 years.

1 comment:

Apertome said...

Cool shots. The spring color is always beautiful, and I like what you do with the lighting in your geeky photos. Nicely done.

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