Monday, March 28, 2011

For Sale

It makes me sad, but my wife has asked if I could find a buyer for her Electra Townie 3S. She bought the Townie back in 2008 with her health already in decline, hoping that it would help her become more active. She went on a few short rides with it, but eventually her doctors advised her to stop and persue less intense therapy under the supervision of a physician. Last year, the government declared her 100% disabled. She makes frequent visits to the ER. Her symptoms continue to baffle doctors and the diagnosis seemingly changes every two months. That means that doctors are still guessing and don't really know what's wrong.

It's hard to justify holding on to this really nice bike when the government says she's disabled and her doctors say she should not be on a bicycle. She's logged 54.9 miles on it. It's never been left outside, and I've kept it clean and in good working order. It's got a Shimano Nexus 3 hub, coaster brakes, front suspension and a chain guard. The riding posture is very relaxed and fun. It's got the soul of a beach cruiser. Included is the add-on townie cargo rack and trunk bag, a handlebar bell and a CatEye Enduro 8 cyclometer. It's the perfect bike for urban commutes, short errands, or enjoying a day on the bike path. All combined, that stuff set her back $550 when she was still working. My wife would like $300 for it. I honestly don't know what it's worth, but I told her I'd post it here for her.

I'm hoping to eventually find a wheelchair that I can tweak to double as a bike trailer so that we can still enjoy the bike paths together, but for now, she wants to find a new home for the Townie.

*Feline companion and helmet not included.


Warren T said...

Bike America is having their swap meet this weekend. Just a thought.

Sirrus Rider said...

I'm not sure about the Wheelchair Idea; however if your Wife is under 5'11" then the Wike Special Needs Trailer would work.

Kinda pricey, but you could pass the proverbial hat around for donations.

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