Monday, January 31, 2011

Parking Rage

Lead Sled parking rage, originally uploaded by KC-Bike.

Figures. Right after my wife finally gets out of the hospital and it looks like I might have a clear shot at picking up the bike again, we have today's icepocalypse followed by tomorrow's snowgasm. Us midwesterners certainly love our wintry neologisms.

I'm generally pretty tame whilst driving, but I kind of screamed in a fit of rage when I saw that my neighbor (we shall call her "Negative Jenn" per her snazzy license plates) has started to make a habit of increasing her double-parking overlap by about an inch each day. As I'm parked, she still has enough room to wiggle into the driver's side door of her 4,000 pound 3.8L supercharged lead sled. I must admit, however, that I miss being able to nonchalantly park my battered 1989 Ford Aerostar perfectly 2" away from the driver's side of offending vehicles without the fear of cosmetic repercussions.

I really should have just ridden today.

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