Saturday, January 01, 2011

My favorite photos from 2010

I didn't take nearly as many photos last year as I have previous years. I spent 1/3 of the year unemployed and a lot less time on the bike total. I also got a better camera built into my phone. It's nowhere near as good as my trusty Canon point and shoot, but I think I generally took "worse" pictures this year than in years past because I didn't always have the Canon on me. Here are my top picks from 2010, in no particular order.

Coming home from a family reunion in Nebraska while I was laid off, I snapped this and desaturated the background.

My wife and I saw this Garden Spider on a fishing trip at a nearby lake. If you haven't figured it out yet, I kind of like spiders.
Garden Spider

Snapped during The Crystal Method DJ set that I went to with commuterDude a few months ago, I hit this guy with a quick, medium-powered flash on a long exposure in a very dark part of the club, capturing something like 2-3 seconds worth of tracer from the multi-colored LED he had on a string.

I tested bikes for 3 different manufacturers in 2010: The Swobo Baxter, the KMI Urbana and this one, the Wabi Special fixed gear. While I don't have any one that's more favorite than the others, I can say this one was the most transformative for me.
Wabi Special

And while we're at it, I really did like the way the Urbana tackled anything in its way while having that European utility bike look with big, industrial welds and massive, blight-be-damned tires. I can't think of one picture that captured its essence better than this one.
Urban Urbana

Rowdy was a really old guy. Half Golden Retriever and half Chow, he started having hip problems a few years ago as both those breeds often do. He put us through a scare in February with an infection in his leg, and then had to be put to sleep a few months ago. He was 60 pounds of muscle and fur with the bark of a ferocious beast, the disposition and playfulness of a little puppy and a giant heart of gold.

I took this a few days ago with my wife's old phone (with yet a better camera than the LG Env3 I've been using most of the year) and I like it. This phone takes better macro shots than my old phone did. I really need to learn to carry my Canon around more often, though.
Frosty Morning

Taken at the beginning of one of the longest days I've had at work in a while, it's hard not to love the colors of autumn.
Evergreen Juxtaposition

One of the first things I had to do at my new job was reprogram a bunch of barcode scanners for our warehouse.

Chris moved to the Philipines last year. Before he moved, we took off one an impromptu Dark-Side Ride through Mill Creek Streamway Park. This was taken in a corrugated steel tunnel that goes under the railroad tracks near 91st and Woodland Road, illuminated only by our rear blinkies. I miss hangin' with ya, pare!
Tail-Lit Tunnel


Jim said...

Great photos. Happy New Year and stay safe on your bike. Jim, Atlanta GA (where commuting on a Brompton gets lots of stares).

Jim said...

Great photos. Happy New Year and stay safe on your bike. Jim, Atlanta, GA

Anonymous said...

The guy who plays with stringed LED looks great. I love it. I wonder how fast he moves as he plays those stringed LED.

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Apertome said...

Great shots! Thanks for the explanation of the Crystal Method shot, it's very cool, and now I understand how you did it.

I still think that Wabi is drool-worthy.

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