Friday, December 10, 2010

New (used) winter bike

I am hoping to have a set of fenders and double-sided SPD/platforms on it sometime soon. One more winter cycling tip I accidentally came across this morning: don't use a strong minty mouthwash right before heading out into sub-freezing weather without a scarf.


Apertome said...

Looking good! Are you going to keep the suspension fork, or throw a rigid one on there? I prefer my around-town bikes to be rigid.

Noah said...

I kind of like being able to bomb around town on a squishy fork. This one's adjustable, though. While it doesn't have an official "lockout" option, it doesn't move much when you crank the preload all the way up.

Apertome said...

Yeah, that makes sense. Versatility is good. I think you'll have a blast on this bike!

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