Monday, June 14, 2010

Lunch with Jim

I cornered Jim a few years ago when I saw him on Pflumm at Santa Fe Trail Drive. I see him around every once in a while, but never really caught up with him. My new job has me working pretty close to him, so we finally got around to meeting for lunch at Chipotle. Jim has a commute that is even closer than mine, and he is a serious year-round rider. It was nice to finally catch up with Jim. I found out he knows a lot of the same people I ride with. While eating, I saw at least 3 roadies come and go. Unsurprisingly, they were all wearing "Team Garmin" kits.

1 comment:

Ted Strickland said...

just found your blog. i will be reading through it all later this evening. the chipotle has be hungry at the moment.

i'm in process of working on an alternative bike blog myself.

keep up the good work.

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