Friday, June 11, 2010


This morning, I ran across almost every cyclist I've seen to date on my new route, except for Terry. Brian was rolling out of my apartment complex at the same time as me. Coming up to 95th St, The Silent Roadie and I were stopped next to one another. I didn't have time to catch his name, but we talked for a second. He rides from 75th and Metcalf down to 151st St. That's a decent ride. Then, I got passed by someone I haven't seen before, commuting on a triathlon bike and apparently trying to catch up with the roadie. We exchanged "good mornings" and little else. Finally, I saw the daily northbound guy south of 95th.

And how could I blame them? It was a beautiful morning for a ride!

I got tired of staring at the eight un-labeled and functionless buttons on my office phone. Over lunch, I added some new labels to them. Tip of the hat to my friend Ben, who kind of inspired me to do this by sending me a link to a photo where someone had done something similar. I wish I could claim it was original. It is, however, fun to look at.


Carolynpom said...

I just moved back to Overland Park after living in Sydney, Australia for 3 1/2 years. My husband and I are both committed bicycle commuters and are just getting into bicycling around KC.

I thought Sydney was inhospitable to bicycling, so it's a bit jarring that there are so few bicyclists here you can recognize almost every cyclist you've ever seen. I didn't realize there were so few in KC.

Noah said...

Well, I simply meant I'd seen everyone I had seen to date on this new route.

I know hundreds of cyclists in the area. But I just started working at this place and had only been riding this route for a month or so. My usual trip takes less than half an hour each way, so the people I see riding this route are only the ones who use it at the same time as me.

There are a lot of cyclists here, and the roads are quite hospitable if you pick a good route.

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