Tuesday, June 08, 2010


When I got out today, it was still raining hard as ever -- in fact, probably harder than anything I've ridden in before. I rode to my sister-in-law's place to meet my wife. Once again, I was totally drenched, but the stuff in my waterproof backpack was dry as a bone. In fact, the water droplets I've noticed before (which I attributed to opening the bag in the rain) weren't present.

Here are some cameraphone pics of my nieces at Chatlain Park a few weeks ago. I just stumbled across them when clearing out my memory card. My sister in law and her daughters stayed with us for a couple of weeks in May while they transitioned to her new apartment (which I'm writing this from)


BluesCat said...

(chuckle) I'll trade you one 107°F day for one rainy day, Noah!

How 'bout it?

Noah said...

Only if it's one of your Arizona 107*F days. I love it when I see 112*F ambient temperatures when I'm in Las Vegas. It feels like 92*F here in KC because we get that gooey, humid gulf coast air. I love desert heat!

I'd trade you one for one, but probably not a whole week's worth of rain for a week's worth of triple digits, even if it IS desert heat.

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