Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So there are other commuters using my new route!

If you haven't yet seen this, it's worth watching. That's kind of how it went this morning.

Me: Fat guy. Cargo shorts and t-shirt. Entry-level road bike with fenders, lights and a rack. 30 pounds of God-knows-what in my panniers. I'm gradually bringing my usual desk stuff in to the office. 12 Miles per hour. Enjoying the ride and the mid-50s temperatures, looking forward to pulling into the parking lot without a drop of sweat and a heart-rate under 110.

Him: Typical crit racer build. Epic team kit complete with branded arm-warmers and windbreaker (as if it was below freezing). S-Works Carbon Tarmac. Too much stuff crammed into his well-used messenger bag, which is trying to fall off his back and under his right arm. Faster than me by a good clip. I see him coming from half a mile away.

Me: Wave, say "morning."

Him:  . . . [continues hammering away]

Is this related to the old rule? "If you can have a conversation, you're not riding hard enough."


Anonymous said...

It was your mistake to even attempt to engage the dbag roadie in conversation.

BluesCat said...

How old was the guy, Noah?

I've noticed that the gray haired, bearded dudes --- even the ones in full Lycra --- usually smile and come up out of the drops to wave at least one hand at me when I go stroking by them on the recumbent.

It's the younger, serious fellows "in training" who don't seem to have the time or energy for a smile.

All the lady bikers I pass and greet just blush ... must be something in the boyish, lecherous grin the Ol' BluesCat gives them.

WildcatAl said...

I commute on Pflumm to get to work, so it looks like we cross paths. I probably cross SFT at about 7:35am.


HesyCat said...

Roadies get awfully upset when you pass them. I make a habit of it. I live on a popular bike route and frequently pass them on my commute home. Fully loaded panniers on a upright hybrid. They get upset, you can see them trying to catch up in the mirror, sometimes you can hear them say to their buddies, 'let's get him.'. But,they have yet to catch up and pass me back. Its funny how upset they get. Like it really matters. though it is humerous.

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