Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bike Week Wednesday: OP City Hall, Rainy Errands

I went to Overland Park City Hall this morning for their Wednesday BTWW Breakfast, since it's not too far from home. I ran into lots of friends. Myself, Warren, and Mark cheese for the camera. Good lord, I'm fat. Still a lot less than I was when I started riding, but I can see this is going to be an ongoing battle.

Warren (with coffee) and Bucephalus, his trusty steed.

John Schnake showed up a few minutes later. He lives just a few blocks away.

Not sure whose Schwinn cruiser this is. I think one of the volunteers rode it to city hall.

Remember the tire with 8,500+ miles on it? Well, today, I couldn't put it off any longer.

That meant a few things. First off, it meant I got to rack up some "errand" miles with a trip to the bike store to buy a new tire. But, as predicted, it was raining cats and dogs all day long, and into the evening. More than 20 miles were ridden in a torrential downpour. Therefore, it also meant I got to put my waterproof backpack to the ultimate test, whether I liked it or not.

More than 90 minutes in the rain, and everything was perfectly dry and safe inside. And the backpack? Well, I rode more than 35 miles with it today. As far as backpacks go, it wasn't too bad. Waterproof panniers would have been appreciated, but the backpack was pretty cheap. Expect a full review on later.

1 comment:

Apertome said...

Haha, yeah, that tire has had it! Amazing how long it lasted ...

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