Sunday, April 11, 2010


A few weeks ago, I got rejected when I rode to the mountain bike trails at Shawnee Mission Park. Well, I guess the parks department finally decided the trails were dry enough to let people loose on the singletrack this weekend. I can say that the trails were far from dry in many places, though. I did my best not to rut the trail out too badly, going around the mud where I could.

Shortly after I arrived, Chris showed up with his Long Haul Trucker. It must have looked somewhat interesting. A big, heavy urban bike and a steel road touring bike, tooling around on the mountain bike trails. I believe the term for this is "underbiking."

Mostly, I just wanted to wring the Urbana out one last time before I write my final review. The huge tires almost act like a suspension fork. I even managed to get a little air in a few spots.

I haven't ridden singletrack in a very long time. I had forgotten the serene beauty of the trails, and how much work it is to constantly maneuver the bike around obstacles and tackle hills. I'll probably feel the burn in the morning.

Random Tunage:
Amber - Anyway (Steve Porter Remix)
B-Movie - Nowhere Girl (Adam Freeland Remix)


Pat Ring said...

How many ticks per mile?

Noah said...

Amazingly, I didn't get a single tick, that I've found yet. Wearing jeans today might have something to do with it.

Eric Rogers said...

Wow. Just... Wow.

Apertome said...

Actually, riding around mud spots is arguably worse than riding through them. Deeper puddles can be repaired, but going around widens the trail, and that can't be fixed.

Noah said...

In most of the places, I was able to get around the mud while staying on the trail itself. The two spots that I had to leave the trail to get through, I would have most certainly gotten stuck (as in, had to put my feet into 4-5" deep mud). Sorry, trail. You're getting a bit wider today.

There are four loops, and only one had really bad mud. Chris and I avoided that part afterwards. There was also a pretty big tree across the trail on the same loop, and it appears to be a recent fall. I'm pretty sure it's not intentional, but it was interesting to see all the chainring marks on it.

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