Thursday, April 22, 2010

Job Hunt

I'm still on the prowl for work. As some of you know, I didn't get the "Information Security Incident Handler" (a.k.a. "hunting bad guys") dream job I was initially holding out for. I made it very far into the interview process, but was edged out by someone with more computer forensics experience. The entire time, I've been applying for pretty much anything I qualify for here in Kansas City, and even a few gigs outside the area.

Things have been looking up this last week, though. There's a job similar to my "dream" job that's starting to look very promising. Unfortunately, it's near a Detroit suburb named Romulus -- which, by the way, is basically the best name for a town, ever. There are also a few other potential jobs NOT related to information security which seem to be progressing quite well, and they're still right here in the Greater Kansas City area. One of them would send me to Wisconsin for a month of training. No solid job offers yet, but like I said, things are looking up for a change.

In the mean time, I've been keeping my skills sharp, learning new things and keeping stress at bay with some great bike rides. I've been bartering skilled labor to make ends meet: Tuning up bicycles, fixing cars (replacing clutches and starter solenoid type stuff), fixing office phone systems, and fixing... well... pretty much anything that's broken in exchange for the things we need. It's a shame I don't have any "on the job" experience for many of the cool things I've learned how to do in my lifetime, not that "Auto Technician" or "Lineman" would pay the bills around here.

Security is still one of my biggest passions in life, right up there with bicycling. If you know of any local companies that could use an Information Security guy, let me know. There's still time to hire me.

p.s. I know you guys gave me hell for turning down a job a while ago. I am still, to this day, glad I did what I did. No regrets there. It simply would not have worked for me, or for them.

Photo Above:
Crate full of BrickArms ordnance by Dunechaser

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Burn In Noise - Transparent
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(Yes, I've been on a Goa/PsyTrance kick lately)


Bryan said...

Good luck with what you've got cooking and for finding something. I know how frustrating it can be as I was close a couple of times, and had to turn one down, in the 15 months I've been away from the family here in Dallas.

Bryan said...

Oh yeah, Romulus is an awesome name for a town.

John Rice said...

It is very difficult to find right career option...hope you are lucky this time with your job of luck!!

BluesCat said...

Hang in there, Noah, every sign I am seeing lately says things are getting better and your skill set will be in enormous demand soon.

I almost posted a question for you early Wednesday morning on behalf of a client whose systems seemed to be slowly imploding as a result of a malware infection. I discovered what it was just before a news flash appeared on one of the "computer pundit" sites I visit: the McAfee Bad DAT.

Noah said...

Being in the information field (or at least, interested in it even if I'm not actively working) I can tell you that my typical research channels were a veritable s***storm over "The 5958 Incident" that impacted WinXP SP3.

For what it's worth, XP is closing in on being a decade old and Windows 7 seems to like my MacBook just fine, and it's from late 2006. I'm pretty sure it would run fine on most enterprise desktops, but I'd recommend 2GB of RAM at least. That's how much I have and it seems to run fine. I never used Vista, thankfully.

BluesCat said...

Oh yeah, I have some clients who lost some REAL money over this, by not being able to communicate with their clients and get bids/proposals in.

Ironically, the McAfee BAD Dat has been a sort of blessing in disguise: my clients now are much more receptive to going to Win7.

After the Vista fiasco, when a lot of the engineering/architectural software was discovered to either not work at all or work very poorly on a Vista box, the vast majority of my clients backed out of upgrading from XP to Vista. This reticence carried over to Win7.

Now, they're finally getting the point that XP is a "sublime dinosaur" which should be given a venerable retirement.

Every client I have, presently, has the horsepower to run Win7: 4 gigs of memory and quad core processors in almost all cases.

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