Thursday, March 25, 2010

Skinny tire dreams

I often tell people that I don't dream. I mean, I sleep. And I can get by with surprisingly little sleep. Obviously, I reach REM. I just don't remember my dreams very often. And when I do, they quickly fall apart in my memory as I snap out of my groggy haze. Kind of like one of my favorite xkcd cartoons.

Anyhow, last night, I had a dream that I finally got back out on The Twelve, and for some reason, I remembered it. And I was fast. Like 45 MPH fast. So for today's errands which didn't involve much hauling at all, just getting around to a few places, I took The Twelve. I'm still slow, but the road bike certainly was a nice change of pace. It accelerates better. It has much tighter gear ratios, not to mention three times as many gears to choose from. It's more responsive, and I feel much more in touch with the road. It's more graceful. I've missed it.

Also, Bill interviewed me for Carfree American (even though I'm technically car-lite). You can see his post here.


dvicci said...

Oh, how well I know this feeling! It was a motivating factor in packing a week's worth of clothes and taking them to work all at once on Sunday or Monday. That allowed me to ride my Torelli with it's slick racing tires. So much nicer a ride than the MTB on the streets.

Paul in Minneapolis said...

During the winter I fall in love with my low maintenance Euro bike... But once the weather warms its all about the sexy, light and fast road bikes...

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